We Deliver Original Korean Cosmetics & Skincare Products in Bangladesh. Our Main Focus is to Satisfy Our Valuable Customers through Our Products, Fastest Delivery & Commitment.

Everybody has five basic needs, ” food, cloths, shelter, health and education'”. Other than these five, skincare is another basic need that comes after them. No matter from which gender you belong, everybody thrives to have a beautiful younger looking skin.

Now a days 10 step Korean Skincare has become a global phenomenon. It is not just a skincare routine, it’s a lifestyle.

As our main focus is on the authenticity of our products, we ensure you that all our available products will always be original and authentic. As well as, you will get the delivery of our products at the shortest possible time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the largest cosmetics and skincare products centric platform in Bangladesh where skincare cravers come to find and discover their best suited skincare products what they desire.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our valued customers through quality products, fastest delivery, fastest response and consult them about their skincare related issues.

What Our Customers Says ?

I can’t even express their behavior is too good, thanks for tolerating me and understanding my skin concerns.

Tasfia Ekra Photographer

Thank you so much Nayma Yesmin for such type of original and glamorous products. You are doing very hard work to provide some pure beauty products to our girls. I believe, your effort will lead the success and may Almighty Allah bless of you and your passion. And finally thank you again to help me to welcome Korean beauty.

fahmida kazol customer review Fahmida Kazol Government Service
I just bought their The Face shop oil cleanser. Ma Sha Allah. I’m fully satisfied with their product.
The packaging was excellent and they are so well-behaved.
would recommend this page.
Best of luck.
Sanjidah Islam Student, University of Dhaka
  • Tasfia Ekra Photographer
  • fahmida kazol customer reviewFahmida Kazol Government Service
  • Sanjidah Islam Student, University of Dhaka

About the Entrepreneur

This is a startup of an woman entrepreneur, Nayma Yesmin.  She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration in Accounting & Information Systems from University of Dhaka.

Skincare has always been her passion and by starting this business she turned her passion into her business carrier.